Saturday, May 14, 2005

When Does Advertising Cross The Line?

One of the luxuries of having your own blog is that you have your own "blogroll". A blogroll is that list of links you see on the left to different websites. I don't get paid anything to link to these folks and I visit a lot of them every day. Some are huge, some are small in the blogosphere. I was reading Lileks the other day and he is killing the "Friends of the Minneapolis Public Library" over an ad that they placed that features of all people Mao that terrible mass murderer! You can see the ad here. Adobe is required to view the ad and a bucket will be required to catch your lunch.

This instantly reminded me of the terrible advertising campaign we have had going on here in Madison for the last several years. is the mother site for many things here in Madison, including the home page for the Wisconsin State Journal. Look at the top of that last link (what we call the masthead here in internet land). Notice the communism evoking star? That damn thing is everywhere! Here is the homepage for - could it look more commie? You get the drift.

Well, the Minneapolis Library is getting taken to task for it's Mao ad - not that they are going to pull it - but nothing will happen to the people at and the Wisconsin State Journal. I have written a letter but that one I am sure ended up in the trash can. Maybe no one understands or cares about what communism did to countless people (small sample here). That makes me sad. Maybe I will just get one of these and shut up.

I really don't think there is a more leftist (not liberal, leftist) city in the country than Madison except maybe Berkeley. What is so very interesting is that we are only 70 miles from Rockford, Illinois, a very conservative city - I moved here from Rockford 11 years ago and still can't figure out what happens to people in that 70 mile drive.

UPDATE: Wal-Mart gets busted for invoking Nazi's in one of it's campaigns.

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