Thursday, May 05, 2005

That Intimidating Force That Is The Army of The Netherlands

This is a perfect example of why the US should never join the International "Kangaroo" Criminal Court. If we joined, some jerk lawyers in the Netherlands or Belgium could routinely bring our armed forces commanders up for charges such as crimes against humanity and other war crimes.

Bush is going on a trip to Europe (one of the reasons is to celebrate VE day) and some leftist lawyers tried to make the Netherlands arrest him upon his arrival for war crimes. Fortunately, the courts over there struck it down this bit of silliness.

What is very entertaining to me is the proposition of the Netherlands trying to arrest our President, much less holding him. Can you imagine their army trying to stop our armed forces? Could they even plow through the phalanx of Secret Service men around Bush? How about a nice naval blockade that would cripple Rotterdam, one of the busiest ports in the world? Think the Netherlands Navy is up for that little fight? It really is quite humorous if you think about it.

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