Sunday, May 15, 2005

Milwaukee Art Museum

I went up to the Milwaukee Art Museum on Sunday. They had an exhibit on Degas and his sculpture. The real attraction is this building - they have elaborate "wings" that they retract at 5pm every day and a cool bridge that you can stand on over the highway and watch the process.

The museum had a lot of different stuff from different time frames - everything from modern art to old masters. There was even some armor from the middle ages.

Too bad Chicago didn't do anything this exciting with their recent public buildings. Most of them have been kind of a snore, since they created the controversial Thompson State of Illinois building that was prominently featured in the movie "Running Scared" with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines (and Jimmy Smits from LA LAW - as an anonymous poster rightly pointed out).
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Anonymous said...

Actually, Jimmy Smits starred in L.A. Law and NYPD Blue not Law and Order. Oh well, I guess your accuracy percentage took a hit.

Carl from Chicago said...

Damn you are right I will stick to what I know instead - TV isn't it