Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day

Psst...hey bud - come over here for a minute. You got a spare 10 minutes or so? Great. Lets light up - you know how they say - smoke 'em if you got 'em. Keep the head down, though.

Look pal, I got a message for you - it's from me and all of my brothers and sisters that have been in the US Armed Forces over this last 250 years or so.

The message is this - don't forget about us.

We don't need much. No need to buy us a car or send money - just don't forget. Memorial Day is coming and I hope you can make it more than just a day off to get things done around the house. Go to a cemetery and decorate a vet grave with a flag. Go to a parade and give the vets a nice round of applause. Or just stand there for a minute or so and give us a silent "thanks". Even that is enough. But don't forget us.

Without us, this land of the free wouldn't be that free.

It would be tyranny or worse, like so many other places. Without the armed services there wouldn't have been a Constitutional Convention, where so many of the principles of freedom were thought out and put into place so we can all live with basic rights.

If there were no armed services, the Japanese, when they invaded Alaska in World War Two might have just kept right on going down to the West Coast and invaded Washington, Oregon and California. There is a distinct possibility that the coastal cities of the US may have been bombed by planes and bombarded by ships - but screw that. We love this place too much. Thank God for us - so many of us died - but it was worth it. Even if those assholes in places like Berkeley and San Francisco like to make fun of us. They call us names like low hanging fruit and think we're dumb. Fuck 'em though. I will still die for their right to say things like that.

When my buddies came back from 'Nam they were spat on - what an insult. As if they had anything to do with that mess over there. Oh yea, I bet those who spat never gave a damn about all of those poor millions who were slaughtered after we left.

Yes, we did beat Hitler that monster. Imagine if he would have won - don't think for a second that scenes like this and this and this would not have been repeated in the States. Think about that for a moment this Memorial Day.

Oh yea, one more thing. Next time you read about or hear about some "torture" going on in one of our jails, take it with a grain of salt. Putting a pair of panties on some guys head to get a little info isn't my definition of torture. But this is and so is this. And if I had my way I would put salt and pepper on a copy of the koran and have it for dinner if it would save your family from getting blown up at the next mall you go to. Yes, I would do that and a lot more for you - and I don't even know you from Adam.

Don't forget us Monday, pal. Hey, my smoke's done and so is my break. As you were.
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