Friday, May 20, 2005

iPod update

Since this is an iPod performance update why is there a photo (credit here) of Lemmy from the band Motorhead above? Read on.

As I have said before, I use the iPod Shuffle that I bought for $99 from Amazon exclusively in my workouts in my basement and working in my yard. It is still performing wonderfully. The battery lasts much longer than I thought it would. It does, in fact hold 120 songs but that may vary depending on your song length. Obviously if you listen to symphonies it may only hold two or three "songs".

I like the earbuds but am used to them since my last walkman had them. The sound and volume are very good for a machine the size of a pack of gum. If you are working out intensely or do a lot of dirty work I recommend some sort of protective sleeve so your sweat or dirt don't wreck the iPod.

But back to Lemmy. During my workouts I seem to be enjoying my Motorhead songs the most. The ones I like best last about 2 minutes max and are what I call "take no prisoners" type songs. Fast and loud from beginning to end. The best part about Motorhead is that they don't really have a message or story to tell. Or maybe they do, I just can't make it out.

Check these lyrics from my favorite Motorhead song of all time, Bomber (you can sample it here, if you dare):

Ain't a hope in hell,
Nothing's gonna bring us down,
The way we fly,
Five miles off the ground,
Because we shoot to kill,
And you know we always will,
It's a Bomber

Scream a thousand miles,
Feel the black death rising moan,
Firestorm coming closer,
Napalm to the bone,
Because, you know we do it right,
A mission every night,
It's a Bomber

No night fighter,
Gonna stop us getting through,
The sirens make you shiver,
You bet my aim is true,
you know we aim to please,
Bring you to your knees,
It's a Bomber Posted by Hello

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