Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Internet 2

Since I have been writing in this blog I have been trying my level best to get caught up with the tech side of the internet. Internet 2 is currently under development. It is being done on the university level, with many institutions and corporations involved.

What does this mean to you? Not a heck of a lot in the near future. However, when it is up and running on a consumer level, the speeds you will notice will be astonishing. Imagine downloading a complete feature film in one minute. Think about importing the entire Beatles music catalog into your PC in 20 seconds. I am not kidding, this is real.

One thing worries me. Access. That is the age old question, isn't it? To this day most farmers have to use dialup - or lay out the big bucks for some sort of satellite connection. Cable companies won't go down easy. Nor will DSL providers. How will they get an Internet 2 connection to my house? I see satellite as a possible option - Verizon has a "go anywhere" card already that gives you connectivity anywhere they provide service on a wireless basis.

Like the song goes, the future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.

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