Monday, May 09, 2005

The Huffington Post Stinks

And I will tell you why. As of 7pm there are 40 posts. Most if not all have an extended section. This is not blogging in the true sense. This is a collection of articles written by mostly leftists just put on a website instead of being printed in the New York Times.

I suppose you have the question rolling around in your cranium that goes something like this: "Well, smartypants, if they are not blogging, what are they doing? And who says their blogging style is any better or worse than yours?" This is a good question.

According to many, we have in the blogosphere thinkers and linkers. I tend to be a thinker with a tendency to link. I try to take an article and play on it, keeping the posts smaller than the Rosetta Stone in length when I can. Most do not have the time or energy to read huge essays every day and I don't have the time and energy to write them. Most, like myself, can't or don't want to take life so seriously all the time. A photo of technical merit whether it be a flower, or just something goofy lightens the tone or can prove a point. What the Huffington Post has done is simply take a collection of (poor) articles, post them and call it a blog. You can call it what you will, it isn't blogging to me.

But back to the point. Is the Huffington Post a blog? Time will tell. In my opinion, a blog needs to have at least one good post per day to keep me coming back. Odds are that most of the people over there will not post more than once per week and I guarantee some of the posts will be copies of articles they have written for other publications. This, to me, is not a blog. You may think so but the only thing I see that the Huffington Post and blogs have in common is that you have to scroll down to read it. And my god they have over three hundred people posting over there!

On top of all this, it truly does suck. The good news for me is that it will provide me a ton of fodder for my blog. Here are a few gems from today:

Walter Cronkite:

I've got some other exceedingly interesting pieces up my sleeve, like a proposal that the Democratic Party organize a convention this year to debate and resolve a platform that would provide the confused electorate some idea of what the party stands for…a regretfully missing ingredient in the politics of the moment.
Typical. Lefty Walter thinks everyone that doesn't vote Democrat is "confused". Hate to piss in your Wheaties, Walt but we aren't.

Senator John Corzine of New Jersey (Democrat of course) on stopping the Genocide in Sudan:

So what can we do? What’s remarkable about this crisis is that it’s not that difficult a task to resolve the situation. The people perpetrating the genocide don't have a massive conventional army. They may stop if they think there will be consequences to their actions. The warlords are betting on our inaction, and so far, their bet is paying off.
And the UN has done...drum roll please....exactly nothing.

Lastly some knowledge from Rep. Ed Markey:

I wonder how many North Korean nuclear weapons we will have to discover in order for this Administration to conclude we can no longer continue to preach nuclear temperance from a barstool.
I wonder how many North Korean nuclear weapons we will have to discover in order for the Clinton Administration to conclude they fucked the whole thing up.

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