Saturday, May 21, 2005

Combat Mission Afrika Korps (CMAK)

Dan and I return turns every day on a game called "Combat Mission - Afrika Korps". From time to time we reference it in our posts.

This game is a WW2 tactical simulation that is extremely realistic. It isn't a "first person shooter" like Doom or Quake or Halo but more of a game where you plot turns and then the computer runs the simulation. If you are interested here is my combat mission site describing the game along with some of the scenarios I created.

Right now Dan and I are playing one of the scenarios I created called "Forest Frenzy". This game features Axis and Allied troops slugging it out in the forest where lines of sight are limited and there aren't a lot of heavy vehicles around. The photo shot above shows a hard fought trench where Dan's troops made a last stand to stop the Axis forces from linking up with reinforcements coming from the other side of the board.

I am pushing Dan hard on this now because the "luck of the draw" is giving me lots of reinforcements and I am trying to take over the positions before he counter attacks. Once you play vs a human, you never want to go back to playing the computer - humans are much more devious and strategic.

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