Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Over the weekend here in Madison at the yearly "Bratfest" we consumed 181,710 of those tasty, yummy sausages. That's about 20 miles worth! As an interesting note, a local radio station reports that of the 20,000 Boca brats (vegetarian) ordered, only 8600 were sold - I think veggie brats are equivalent to fascism and that those producing them should be stopped immediately. Certain people in my household have tried to substitute veggie brats and burgers to me with absolutely no success. As Emeril likes to say, pork fat rules!

If you want to taste good ones, order some up from here or here. If you order from Klements be sure to get a pound of their smoked sausage too - one of the best mass produced sausages around. I am lucky because it is in stores around here locally. If you order brats, I recommend the fresh ones - simmer them in (cheap) beer with onion for 5-10 minutes, then grill them for 5-10 minutes. A little mustard and onion on there and you are in the money! Or if you are a purist you can just put the raw brat on the grill and cook away - but keep an eye on the grill - the fat dripping off can cause flareups.

I have found that of all of the local brands (trust me, I have tried them all), Klements seems to be my favorite. I believe it is because their sausages are all just a bit more spicy. They also sponsor the famous sausage race at all home Milwaukee Brewers games - and no, we don't want any of your damn veggie sausage in our race.

The photo above is from this site, which also has some interesting things about Wisconsin on it. Those unfamiliar with the brat may wish to click on that site as well. That last sentence may seem funny to those in the Midwest, but trust me - folks in Texas, California and New York really have no idea what a brat is or what they are missing.

One of my favorite foods of all time is sausage. I absolutely love hot dogs, brats, smoked sausage, andouille, Polish, Italian - give 'em all to me. I guess I could never be a muslim - as if.
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