Thursday, May 12, 2005

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Carl from Chicago said...

I read someone's opinion (no one knows for sure) that blamed the excesses of the Russian civil war and early communism on the fact that the individuals carrying out their "duties" were first generation literate individuals. Their parents were illiterate peasants and they were the first generation able to read. This made them much more susceptible to ideas in books that really don't make much sense in reality.

Just a thought - this probably applies to the Arab world

Dan from Madison said...

I left room for this in my article. Note I specified that even if you can read it may not do you much good if you can't get anything besides some anti-American rag in your hands. Of course the Declaration of Independence would be censored as I mentioned. Don't forget all of the very literate people in Nazi Germany that went off the deep end. Goebbels was very good at censoring the materials available to them.