Monday, April 11, 2005

The Truth

ASV has a great post about bloggers and blogs here. I found this post via Vodkapundit.

I started this blog for no other reason than to work on my writing and thinking skills - and to prove to myself that I can do it better than the guys with megahits out there. I am extremely happy with the results. No screaming, no yelling (except for the Illini and the yelling stops when football season starts), just solid thoughts with the occasional photoessay. As I noted a few weeks ago I have stopped reading a lot of the blogs that I used to read for many of the reasons that the article mentions. I am definitely better for it. Reading papers online and analyzing what is happening is much more fun and better exercise for the brain.

The goofy part is that I have readers - not tons, but many people every day from all around the world check in to see what I am thinking or how my weekend was. And the total is going up as the search engines catch up to the posts.

I have theorized before where blogs are going and the future, to me, is bright. The future for the megablogs seems bleak. Every day the same old thing: scandal here, wrong fact there, fisk Paul Krugman for the tenth time this year. I want to see people fishing, making pesto and giving good advice on how to buy a car.

So...thanks for reading!

Oh yea: I have intentionally not sold adspace here. Not too many people are interested, but some are - believe it or not. I just think it makes the place look like shit - and the $$ are so realatively small that I can't sell myself out. Yet.

UPDATE: In the comments of the column one reader mentions that a lot of blogs have gone the way of the chatroom. I identified with this immediately. I used to spend time in political chatrooms trying to have reasoned conversations with folks but that is all but impossible now. If you don't believe me, just try it. Go to any chatroom and go into a political one. Good luck.

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