Friday, April 08, 2005

The Pope's Funeral

I have a small TV here at work and have been watching the Pope's funeral this morning. It is absolutely huge and quite moving at times. It isn't moving to me in the spiritual sense as I am not a Catholic and don't quite understand all of the rituals. And they are doing a boatload of them. One annoying factor is that the cardinals can't carry a tune to save their ass.

It is moving to see Joe American, Giovanni Italian, Jaques Frenchman and others - the normal people - all come together to honor this man.

It reminds me of the Reagan funeral. Tons of people from all over the United States turned out just to see the casket - just to honor a great man for a few minutes. Someone who believed in the people. Reagan and the Pope were not perfect men. But deep down both loved people and believed that people could better themselves.

All over the world from Chicago to the Philippines to Krackow to Paris billions of people are taking a moment to honor the Pope. He was a great man.

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