Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Minutemen

No one will do anything about the border between the US and Mexico. Daily hundreds, if not thousands of immigrants stream across the border to work or raise hell in the US. Most don't pay taxes and all soak up resources. Hospitals in Arizona, Southern California and New Mexico treat them at no charge. That increases the insurance rates we all pay. Many that stream across are simply criminals. Many are not, but all use our resources. Illegally. Nothing upsets me more than when a child is killed by an illegal alien.

After years of nobody doing anything, finally the people have stepped up. The Minuteman Project is simply a collection of citizens that have decided to patrol the border themselves, with great success. I think that not only are these volunteers true patriots, but great Americans in every sense of the word. Their title of Minutemen is very profound. They, like the original colonists, know that their government is neglecting them and, in fact, treating them like second class citizens by not doing anything about the border. There is plenty of blame to go around for the border mess, and no single political party or person is immune. The citizens of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas have finally had enough and have given the government the collective finger. Trust me, if it were my property being tramped upon by illegals I would be patrolling, too.

I have sent them some $$ and suggest you do to. That border is easily the best place for a terrorist to sneak across a dirty nuke. And from there, to your city.

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