Saturday, April 09, 2005

Marburg Virus

I posted this on April 9th but didn't have my facts straight. The country with the virus was ANGOLA, not UGANDA. Angola has been wracked by civil war for years and only recently is coming out of complete chaos. It makes more sense that a country like this without any sort of health care infrastructure would be in this type of situation than Uganda which is a relatively developed (if corrupt) ex-British colony. Sorry for the confusion...

I don't want to seem paranoid (my earlier post was about supervolcanoes) but there is a pretty nasty disease going around in Angola called the Marburg virus. Apparently it is very lethal - no one really knows but only 1 survivor out of the 181 people who contracted it. Since no one has gotten out of the hospital alive and the local populace probably isn't too well informed nor trusting of the government they are taking care of their sick people at home which causes transmission to family members. If this gets to the capital, it could be a very serious problem. Here is a link to an article about the fact that the health care workers who are trying to track down the disease contacts are having to flee and are being attacked.

If you are interested in keeping up with this story go here to see an African online newspaper and a link to "Marburg". I can't say whether or not this information is accurate but no one knows for certain in any case. At least with the internet I can fish around and find something...

DAN ADDS: Here is an interesting take on the virus - I have had my suspicions about wiki's for some time.

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