Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ipod Shuffle Update

Upon reading Carl's post below, I thought I would take the "Ipod challenge". I work out every other day and do a lot of yard work this time of year and I have been using an older walkman and listening to the radio. A CD player is just too bulky for when I run or bike.

Yesterday I bought the Ipod Shuffle 512 meg version for $99 with a protective case for $25 and an armband for $25. The armbands are on back order. Unlike Carl I like the earbuds. I am used to them as my last walkman had them so no big deal for me.

I had no music on my computer so the long task of loading tracks into my PC has begun. I did about 25 songs last night. The software that comes with the Ipod worked well for me. It was much faster ripping the songs than the free Dell Jukebox Musicmatch software that was installed on my laptop. After the Ipod Shuffle charged I did a test run and it works great. It gets loud with good sound. I don't plan on using the Shuffle for "leisure music listening" so I didn't create any files. I suppose you can categorize your music but all of mine that I will be listening to on it is metal so no need in my case.

It was neat to dust off all of my old CD's. Some of the really old ones from the mid 80's don't have any ID on the tracks so you have to manually enter it instead of the computer reading it for you.

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