Sunday, April 10, 2005

ACLU - Anti Christian Litigation Union

The ACLU is one of the most out of control left wing organizations in our country, period. One of my pet peeves is picking on the Boy Scouts. The ACLU has been relentless in trying to kick the Scouts off of public lands, using public buildings or receiving public funds all because the Scouts make you pledge "to do my duty to God".

Remember there are literally thousands of kids that have abusive parents or parents that just don't care about what their kids do on a daily basis. The Scouts provide structure that children need. The Scouts also teach responsibility and respect. These are all good things. The ACLU is basically taking a great, affordable opportunity away from children that need not only time away from chaotic homes, but some sort of structure to help them learn how to be responsible and how to respect authority.

There are a very small percentage of people in the world that are athiest or agnostic. Can't they just imagine that their god is no god? It doesn't say that the Scouts have to do their Catholic duty to god or worship Jesus or Buddha, it simply states "god". Not what god, just a god.

The ACLU is also pissed because the Scouts won't allow gay leaders to take the boys into the woods. No shit? They don't allow women or girls to come into the woods with the boys either. I guess I should keep my mouth shut - that may be next. By the way, where is all of the outrage against Muslim groups that use public facilities? Clearly, they are discriminating in exactly the same way. If you are not a Muslim, you are not in the club. They are using a taxpayer funded facility to host their meetings. Where is the outrage? Where are the lawsuits?

Of course there will be none. The ACLU long ago proved itself a far left organization whose sole purpose is to take down traditional (i.e. Christian) values and morals along with the social structure that goes along with it. No judgements on personal behavior can be made.

By the way, the Scouts have handled the ACLU so poorly it is barely worth comment. They just let the ACLU push them around wherever they want. The Scouts rarely provide people for interviews where it would do the greatest good - people like O'Reilly have tried their best to defend the Scouts, but the Scouts seem to be just sitting on their hands. Definitely not the best strategy to take against an organization like the ACLU.

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Carl from Chicago said...

The situation with the University of Colorado shows that an outcry CAN have an impact. The ACLU is winning because no one else is stepping up, just like Dan says.

I think it is because most of the people who are against the types of lawsuits that the ACLU files against groups like the Boy Scouts have day jobs and are busy, while it is easy to find idle people filled with outrage :)