Monday, March 21, 2005

Will the Real Religion of Peace, Please Stand Up

Last week a mentally deranged person burned down a Catholic Church here in Madison. So what did the parishioners do the following Sunday? Ask for his head on a spit? Riot? Go on some sort of rampage against the perp's family? No. They prayed for him.

Now I am not a particularly religious guy, nor am I a big fan of the Catholic church. But there can be no denial that living your life based on the principles of the philosophy of Christ is a no lose situation. Most great leaders of our time - Churchill, Roosevelt, Reagan and others were devout Christians, albeit of different sects. But the result is the same. Having a strong moral compass, to borrow a term from Dr. Rufus Speers, ends in good people doing great things. That moral compass is based on one thing and one thing only - the philosophy of Christianity; good vs. evil, right vs. wrong.

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