Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What Is Wrong With These Kids?

The school shootings in Minnesota are very troubling. Stuff like this never happened when I was a kid - never. So what is different now? We have an unhinged media that constantly bombards kids with all sorts of filth - everything from gangsta rap records, to the Osbournes to risque advertisements. But obscene things and violent video games have always been around. Much more importantly the parental structure in our society has totally broken down. That is the big difference.

As an interesting aside, they say that the kid shot everyone with a .22 handgun. Now I am no ballistics expert, but do know a thing or two about guns, being a proud gun owner. Above is a photo of, from left to right - my wedding ring (for perspective) a standard .22 LR cartridge, a .22 hyper velocity cartridge, a .45 cartridge and a .38 cartridge. Anyone who has shot a handgun at a target knows how hard it is to hit the bullseye from 30 feet standing still, much less in a combat situation. Add that to the minimal stopping power of a .22 and I am led to three possible conclusions.
1) The gun really wasn't a .22 at all
2) All of the killings were done execution style
3) Someone in the media - again - is either lying or doesn't know what they are talking about.
UPDATE: Now they say he had a 12 guage shotgun and some other guns. Posted by Hello

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