Friday, March 18, 2005


I am very depressed as of now and my weekend is ruined. The government has decided that the very best way to resolve the Terry Schiavo case is to - yes - starve her to death. Since I have been blogging I feel the best post I have ever had was this one. It also got me tons of e-mail. Anyway, read it again and watch Terry starve and watch her parents cry. If you don't have a living will for gods sake get one today - now - immediately. Or Terry will be going through this for nothing. I think I am going to cry.

UPDATE: It is a total circus! If you weren't convinced to get a living will before, you must be convinced now!

UPDATE 2: Where the hell is the ACLU and all of the other death penalty protesters that get mad just because Rummy sends terrorists "to bed without supper"? That quote is a classic and can be found in Andrew McCarthy's brilliant column on NRO here. Read it twice.

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