Monday, March 21, 2005

Right Tool This Time

There really isn't too much that is headline worthy right now except the dance of the dead going on in Florida over Terry Schiavo. Regular readers here are well aware of my opinions on that subject.

One thing I noticed over the weekend in my usual (too large) quantity of news that I digested was the overall look of the President.

Every time I see him, it seems that his walk is a little taller, and his tongue seems to be getting sharper, as well. There were highlights of a press conference from last week on Meet the Press. Before, in press conferences, it seemed as though he was trying to use a wrench to drive a nail. He is definitely using a hammer now. His answers are very prompt, not the usual stammering and stuttering he is famous for. Reporters seem to cower now - there is no more badgering or persistent follow-ups if the reporter doesn't get the answer he or she wants. Bush, like him or not, is getting respect. I think people on the hill are finally realizing that the war was just and that the winds of democracy blowing through Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and other places are not just coincidence. Bush has the wind at his back - and it seems that not much will stand in his way.

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