Saturday, March 26, 2005

Now Why Don't We Have This For Football?

Today I watched two of the most unbelievable basketball games I have seen in some time - Louisville's win over West Virginia coming from 20 points down to win in OT and the unbelievable Illinois victory coming from 15 points down in the final 3:30 to send the game into overtime and then winning to advance to the Final Four.

I have theorized that the bowl games have the NCAA people bribed to continue the crazy, stupid Bowl Championship Series, which should be just called the Bowl Series as it seems that it rarely determines any sort of champion. Just imagine if we had a tournament of the best sixteen football teams every year - think that would generate any interest or $$$?

There is no question that March Madness is probably the best sporting event every year. I always look forward to it even if my team isn't doing good. It is just darned exciting.

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