Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mr. Blue Hands

Check this guy out - I love the Illini and all, but this guy is nuts. Mr. Blue Hands they call him. He got a nice article in the Trib today.

Anyway, GOOOO Illini!!!!! Lots of people have us going all the way in their office brackets. What a great season it has been even if we don't go all the way. Quite a nice break from the disaster that has been the Illinois football program for the past several years.

UPDATE: Several readers have emailed asking if Mr. Blue Hands is, in fact, Carl. I don't believe it is, but I suppose we will have to wait to see if he chimes in to verify this. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

It's not me! I am not a face painter... but maybe I should be :)

Illiniwonk said...

He may be nuts, but he and the rest of the Orange Krush are a big part of the reason the Illini are 77-3 over the past 6 seasons at home.

Go Illini!