Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It is almost too easy

It turns out that the head of Habitat for Humanity, the non-profit that builds homes for low income people throughout the world, is a real creep. That is too bad because they seem to be an organization that does a lot of good work.

According to this article

In 1990-91, five women who were current or former employees of Habitat told
the board of directors that he had subjected them to unwanted sexual advances --
including kissing them on the mouth and touching their buttocks -- as well as
vindictive behavior when he was rebuffed.

The board did the right thing when recent accusations came to light again, they fired him.

The real story is - who is his biggest defender? Why Jimmy Carter, of course. Check out this quote from Jimmy Carter who has constantly defended this lout...

In the March 26, 1990, letter, Carter said he himself was given to physical displays of affection and appreciation, such as kisses on the cheek and hugs, to women he knew professionally and socially that were sometimes not welcomed.

The Democrats are always taking the high road, saying that the Republicans are nothing but hypocrites, but look at how they close ranks when their own are threatened. Why even bother linking to the pathetic defense of Bill Clinton by innumerable Democrats who went ballistic at much less serious offenses in the case of Clarence Thomas or Bob Packwood. Can you even imagine the rants that would happen in all the liberal campuses if the Republicans were seen as defending someone accused of this type of behavior, on multiple occasions?

This one would slip by into the void of one million other hypocritical acts if it wasn't for Jimmy Carter, liberal icon, basically admitting that he has harassed women on multiple occasions. And where is the outrage???

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