Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Daley Squealing Like a Pig

This is an interesting article in todays Trib. Daley usually gets his way when it comes to Illinois politics as far as I know (Carl probably has better insight on this than me). But here it sounds like he is squealing a bit since Blago, the Governor of Illinois, won't let Daley's crazy gun control legislation get to the floor of the Illinois House and Senate. In this case, Daley is such a dimwit - proposing legislation so illegal guns can't get in to the hands of criminals? Huh? As if the criminals will abide by anything! I think he still feels the sting of having his unbelievable lawsuits against the gun manufacturers stuffed where the sun don't shine.

Of course none of the gun control legislation applies to Daley's bodyguards or police force.

What is hapenning here is that Blago knows that he needs those downstate votes. Those guys like their guns and hunting. No guns, no votes. So he is leaving Daley out to dry by not letting the legislation get to the floor.

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