Sunday, March 20, 2005

Aw, Come On Tim

On Meet the Press this morning, Tim Russert has a panel of pundits talking about the items of the week. Included in the panel is Gwenn Ifill. You will remember her from the presidential debates as being the mediator - I believe in debate two of Bush v. Kerry. She has shown herself today to be the usual super left liberal that most journalists are. The question is, why, being obviously a Democrat supporter, should she be allowed to mediate the presidential debate?

By the way, the pundits on Meet the Press are discussing the baseball/steroids deal - still no mention of the NFL.

Barry Bonds will pass The Babe this year in home run totals. I hope the Babe gets lots of mention for his stats of pitching, too as well as fielding and all around hitting. What sets the Babe apart from Bonds is the statistics of the guy who was second behind Ruth in all of the hitting categories in Ruth's prime. Look at that and then you will see how far ahead Ruth was in comparison to the players of his day. Bonds is great, juiced up and all but there really is no comparison.

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