Wednesday, March 30, 2005

At Least This Story Had a Happy Ending...

We seem to have more than our fair share of insane killers up here in Wisconsin. Here is the latest incident from Kenosha. But besides the crazy actions of the guy himself, there is a more subtle point in the article that is probably missed by most:

Officers David Monson and Luke Hofmann saw the man and ordered him to stop, which he eventually did after yelling at the officers. He then put a scissors to the baby's neck, Bartholomew said. Monson drew a gun, Hofmann drew a stun gun, and the man threw down the scissors and fell on the baby, Bartholomew said. He then got up and grabbed his 5-year-old son by the head and twisted his neck. "The boy went limp and fell to the side," Bartholomew said. Monson shot the man twice and then seven more times as the man tried to grab his children, Bartholomew said. "He was continuing to be aggressive up until the last shot was fired," he said.
The cops shot the guy 9 times before he stopped being agressive? Remember my post about the hated 9mm gun below? Examine this quote. He didn't shoot 9 times, he shot the guy 9 times. Please, please when shooting someone who is beating up kids, use a .357 or .45 - with hollow point ammo. There will be none of this shooting people 9 times before they stop. It will be one and done.

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Anonymous said...

uh yeah, but with a .357 it would have felt better, so he probably would have shot him 11 times, just for good luck. Have you watched some of the videos coming out of Iraq? Dude, it's an adrenaline powered freakfest. They don't just shoot a few times, they shoot until they destroy the body. It's incredible. You're too naive in your belief that the reason they shot him was because it was a 9mm; it wasn't.