Saturday, February 12, 2005

My Little Corner of the Ward Churchill Controversy

Bloggers everywhere are pounding Mr. Churchill into pudding as I did a week or so ago. Here is another installment. I sent this e-mail today to the chancellor of UW Whitewater, Jack Miller - we will see if he responds (interestingly enough his email address was taken down from the main faculty web site however they forgot to unlink it from their search tool - duh):

Dear Mr. Miller,

This e-mail is to inform you that if you allow Ward Churchill to speak on your campus I will never allow my two girls to attend your university. I understand that you have a difficult situation to handle and that there are first amendment issues to deal with. However, I have first amendment rights too. The Supreme Court has time and again stated that my money (that I will spend on my children's education) is part of my first amendment rights. It is with these rights that I have decided not to allow my children to pursue UW-Whitewater as an institution for their continuing education if you allow someone like Ward Churchill to speak on your campus. I am appalled that your intitution is paying him $4000 to speak and that the money comes out of student fees - money that hard working people have squirreled away over years of hard work - only to see their children's minds poisoned by "elite tenured educators" like Ward Churchill.


Dan xxx, Madison, Wisconsin

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