Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Kabbalah Snags Babes

Kabbalah is all the rage with the Hollywood types. Madonna got involved and now such scholars as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Demi Moore are claiming membership.

Religion isn't necessarily a bad thing, but cults are.

As usual practice with any cult, this cult promises all kinds of far flung things. Kabbalah is a bit different though, mish-mashing Judaism, Buddhism and a few other "isms" into one big pot.

But this article shows that Kabbalah cult members are just as loony as other cult members. Chanting to cure Chernobyl? Hey Madonna, why don't you just chant away all that damn water in Indonesia. Or maybe if that is too big of a project just look out your back door in California and chant at the hills so they stop burying people.

Also, one of the leaders of Kabbalah claims to have cancer healing water (that they sell at a very high price). Wouldn't you think they would take a few gallons down to their nearest cancer treatment center and give it away?

Note in that same article that the man giving that lecture says that the Jews deserved the holocaust because they didn't have Kabbalah. Whoa doggie!

The Kabbalah members distinguish themselves by wearing a red string around their wrist. You can buy the "official" red string from the Kabbalah web site (scroll down for the item - length unspecified) for a measly $26! Or for the cult value shopper you can buy 125 yards of red yarn for $6.80.

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