Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hey Kids, Get Out of the Mud!

I have written before about the questionable nature of photographs from the Associated Press and here is another, this time a photo of suffering tidal wave kids. I have seen this one in many print and internet sources. A larger, clearer version of the photo can be found here. Just go to the right column and click on the photo.
The AP photographer (as usual) is in a perfect place to catch these kids in the act of begging for stuff from what is supposedly a helicopter overhead dropping supplies. Notice that the photo is exactly centered. Also note something even more damning - if you have ever been anywhere near a helicopter when it's blades are in full flight power, you know how breezy it is. The water the kids are standing in isn't really moving due to the helicopter blades and their hair is not moving. I would expect a fine mist to be everywhere in this photo if the helicopter were actually overhead.

Now for the really damning evidence that this photo is staged - two things actually. Notice the DRY LAND just over the kids' shoulders? What the hell are they doing in the mud? Also, some of the kids have bottles of water in their hands. If the helicopter is so high that its downdraft doesn't disturb the water they are in or move their hair, then they are basically bombing these kids with bottles - from that height not only would the bottle explode, but you may even injure or kill the kids underneath.

I don't mean to make light of the plight of the kids, rather to draw attention to the now very annoying habit of the AP photographers staging photos - for whatever reason.

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