Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Condoleeza Rice's comfirmation hearings were yesterday. I haven't had the opportunity to watch them yet - I suppose they will be rerun on CSPAN eventually.

Condi's life is one of the greatest rags to riches stories ever. If you ever feel like you aren't smart enough to do something, just read about her humble beginnings and you will be inspired.

I read some of the transcripts of the confirmation hearings this morning. Previously I posted on how much mental anguish the Gonzales hearings put me through. Looks like this is more of the same. Of course, Rice, being the smartest person up there by far (with the possible exception of Cheney or Scalia) handled the dumb questions very well.

There were the usual suspects grilling her - nincompoops like Chris Dodd, Joe Biden and John Kerry, but mental midget Barbara Boxer took the cake.

From the boys over at Powerline:
Barbara Boxer just said she was very disappointed to hear Condi say "the tsunami was an wonderful opportunity for the United States to show what they can do to provide humanitarian relief". Barbara explained the tsunami was a bad thing, not a wonderful thing.

Now that's brutal.

Here is the transcript if you need something to fall asleep by or to see that yes, you too can be a senator from California. You really don't need to be smart at all.

Of all people, Barbara Boxer is the one person who should never engage in a battle of wits with with a mental titan like Condi, much less with the nearest rock.

UPDATE: These guys take Babs apart too.

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Anonymous said...

Mamablogger wishes she had just one iota of the poise, smarts, and sense that Condi has! What a great American!