Monday, January 03, 2005

Cabbage Blogging

Ann Althouse is a law prof at UW here in Madison and has a great blog. She lives here in Madison and blogs about lots of places and things I am familiar with, being a fellow Madisonian (actually I live in Fitchburg, which is a city that butts right up on the south side of Madison - does that make me a Fitchburger?).

She had a post on December 23 called "A dialogue about food". Before I go further, a little background.

For the last few weeks, Glenn Reynolds over at (widely known as the king of all bloggers) has had a running joke about "tire blogging". He actually blogged from the garage where he was getting a tire change since he is a blogging madman. The joke ran for a while and was actually pretty funny as Prof. Reynolds kept linking things about tires and tire changes and noting that tire blogging was the next big thing. Althouse also made a post about her oil change.

Well, after the Althouse post in "A dialogue about food" I e-mailed her and noted that you can forget all about tire blogging, cabbage blogging is the next big thing!

Check the next post in Althouses' blog on December 23 - momentum is gaining - it was also linked by Prof. Reynolds at Jan. 2 - yet another post on Althouse about cabbage.

This is very entertaining to me to know that a simple e-mail by a simple guy like me has caused who knows how many links to links to links over the internet. Goofy? Yes.

By the way, I have e-mailed Ms. Althouse before and she seems like a very nice person.

Anyway, my turn. I came up with the term "cabbage blogging" for gods sake, so here is my shot.

Kraut - I love it.

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